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"The portrait of my dad, ordered as a gift for his 75th birthday, was a complete success! It captured his personality, vigor and good humour perfectly. Thank you, Leo, for making it special!" - Mattias Kumm

"My parents were pleasantly surprised to receive their portrait - well done!" - Ksenya Kumm

"I have a click with Leo Kogan's work. His work is about a man [entangled] in all his contexts: personal, social, cultural and political. In his work Kogan integrates all of them into an inseparable universe of its own, where one context cannot exist without the other, neither in art nor in reality." - Ton van Kempen


Leo Kogan has been making visual art for over 20 years. Trained as an artist at the Cooper Union and De Ateliers, two world-renowned art schools, nowadays Kogan not only paints and draws, he also films, acts in English-speaking amateur theater, composes and performs music on a regular basis as well as writes. And yes, you might have guessed, he also dances! (Although only zouk and salsa). Leo Kogan teaches painting and drawing as well as general and business English. Click on the menus above to explore the multifarious aspects of Leo Kogan's output.

English Teacher

Leo Kogan has been teaching general and business English since 2006. He regrets he hasn't started earler, for he loves teaching! This is reflected in the fact that by now Kogan has taught English to over 500 students not only from the Netherlands, but also from Spain, Russia, Poland, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, China and many other countries. Click this link to see his professional teaching resume, go to the menu above or click on the LinkedIn link above. To book lessons please send an inquiry via the contact page or get in touch via Skype (link above).


Leo Kogan translates into English from the following languages: Dutch, Russian, German and Spanish. He also proofreads documents written in English. Legal documentation, student papers, research work, dissertations and theses, fiction and other writing in English. To see his professional CV as a translator and proofreader click the menu above or the link to the LinkedIn profile. For a quote please email via the contact form or visit the oDesk profile via this link.

Tour Guide

As an Amsterdam resident since 1997, Leo Kogan has always been attracted by the city's history and architecture as well as actively involved in its cultural and artistic life. Kogan knows the city's off-the-beaten-track venues and historical facts that aren't listed in your average guidebook. He can assist you in makng your stay in Amsterdam comfortable, exciting and informative. Hire Leo Kogan as your personal guide and you won't be disappointed! Don't hesitate to contact through contact page or via Skype (link above).